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Ginko Sora

Ginko Sora Anime

Ginko Sora LN

Ginko Sora Manga SC2

Kanji 空 銀子
Rōmaji Sora Ginko
Age 14
Birthdate September 9, 2002
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Birthplace Osaka City
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Live
Occupation Student
Relationships Yaichi Kuzuryuu (ototodeshi, self proclaim rival)
Kousuke Kiyotaki (master)
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Hisako Kanemoto

Ginko Sora (空 銀子(そら ぎんこ) Sora Ginko) is one of the main characters of the series. She is a middle schooler and 2-dan shogi-player. She is described to have a brother-sister style relationship with Yaichi. But she is not the sister of Yaichi instead they see each other like brother and sister

Appearance Edit

Sora Ginko

Ginko's full appearance

Ginko is a young girl of an average height. She has a short, light blue hair with a headband on her head and black choker. She has blue eyes, however, once she gets serious, her eyes will change colors. She is seen primarily wearing her school uniform.

Personality Edit

Ginko is a sharp-tongued, brash, and unconcerned about anything besides shogi. But despite her attitude, Ginko still maintains a better popularity than Yaichi. In her match with Ai, she was like a disadvantaged beast crouching down, storing enough energy, and preparing for the last hit. She kept harassing, waiting for the chance to counterattack. Ginko isn't the type of person to ease up when faced with overwhelming criticism. At the stage, Ginko had no intention of ending the match, and eliminated all of Ai's attacking pieces or the wandering pieces. She didn't give her opponent a chance to surrender, and stomped hard on the fingers that were barely grabbing the ledge.

History Edit

Ginko is a female shogi player who started moving shogi pieces at the age of 2, became Kiyotaki’s disciple at the age of 4, and owns two of the six titles attainable by female shogi players since she was 11. Her undefeated record against female pros is the source of her nickname, “The Snow White of Naniwa”. 47 matches, 47 wins, that is Ginko's record against female pros. She never lost. The 'white' in the 'Snow White of Naniwa' doesn't refer to her skin or hair. The real reason people called her the Snow White was because of the spotless record of being undefeated. She is an accomplished professional shogi players and her popularity is on completely another level.

Relationships Edit

Yaichi Kuzuryuu Edit

Ginko and Yaichi see each other as brother and sister as Yaichi call Ginko "sis" a lot. But, they're not blood related. It is shown that Ginko has a crush on Yaichi, even though she doesn't show it in front of him. As she will just call him lolicon and slap him multiple times, kind of showing a little bit of the tsundere side. Yaichi also says that Ginko is like the other half of him while playing shogi, which means that they have the same style and tactics. But it was to be expected after they have played around 50.000 matches against each other.

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