First Tournament
Ai Hinatsuru SC8
Episode Information
Kanji はじめての大会
Rōmaji Hajimete no Taikai
Release Date February 26, 2018
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Opening Theme Kore Kara
Ending Theme Mamoritai Mono no Tame ni
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First Tournament (はじめての大会, Hajimete no Taikai) is the eighth episode of the Ryuuou no Oshigoto! anime adaption.

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MyNavi Women’s Open, the famous open shogi tournaments and the biggest competition for female professionals and amateurs has been started. Currently, Yaichi's anedeshi, Ginko is the queen. The tournament is divided into three stages, the challenge match, the preliminary, and the main tournament. Ai and Ai managed to win their first match since it was an easy victory to both of them. The only one who ended up losing is Keika who got depressed. After that, Yaichi is reunited with Ika Sainokami. Ika holds a far greater talent than even Ginko, and is known to even put into shame some regular shogi professionals with her ability.

Yaichi takes the spot as the commentator for his disciples matches. He is along with Machi as the reporter, in which Machi plays around with Yaichi’s commentaries on his disciples. After Ai and Ai make through all the challenge matches, they confirm their spot in the preliminary stage while Keika finally makes it through the revival match. After a visit to Hatanomori Shrine with the JS Research Group, Yaichi leaves the Ai and others in Keika’s care as he has a job to provide a commentary on the match between the Meijin and the Kitei accompanied by a female pro, Tamayo Rokuroba. As the sight of Tamayo continuously flirting with Yaichi. It seems to have triggered Ai’s yandere side, which causes her to disrupt the live broadcast along with the rest of the JS Research Group. When Charlotte kiss Yaichi’s cheek, the live broadcast reaches three million views, essentially bonding his status as a lolicon king.

Yaichi then visits a boutique owned by a Female Master title holder and “Eternal Queen” Rina Shakando to have a research group with Ayumu. After spectating a match between Rina and Ginko, in which Rina beated Ginko in the match. Rina however implies that there is a simpler reason why Ginko lost. Yaichi goes to the second floor and start his research group with Ayumu, in which they play blindfolded shogi for hours. Right after finishing his research group with Ayumu, Yaichi listens to Rina talking about her personal thoughts about Ginko and Ika, before Ginko suddenly comes in wearing a dress from Rina’s fashion brand. As Rina forces her to go home with that outfit, Yaichi takes Ginko home with a bullet train after she inquiries about his plan on August 1.


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