All Rounder
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Episode Information
Kanji オールラウンダー
Rōmaji Ōruraundā
Release Date February 12, 2018
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Opening Theme Kore Kara
Ending Theme Mamoritai Mono no Tame ni
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All rounder (オールラウンダー,Ōruraundā) is the sixth episode of the Ryuuou no Oshigoto! anime adaption.

Summary Edit

Yaichi was facing Natagiri as an opponent, who has now reached 8-dan and became a rank A player since then. Natagiri is an all-rounder who is known by the nickname “Dual Sword Wielder”. Always researching the latest openings and excelling in all types of strategies. Yaichi lost the match to Natagiri. With this, Yaichi received three consecutive defeat against Natagiri and another match with him coming up in three weeks, Yaichi was worried that he’s worried of having a bad matchup against a specific player.


Quotes Edit

  • Mitsuru: "It's not anywhere close to easy to become an all-rounder."
  • Yaichi: "It's great to care for others. Those who can't care for those who lose will be the first to break when they lose to themselves. If you fear victory, then you don't have to suffer. You can pack your belongings and go back to the countryside. We try to make a living by playing shogi. No matter who the opponent is, we don't want to lose. If we can't play shogi, then our lives have no meaning. Right?"