The other Ai
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Episode Information
Kanji もう一人のあい
Rōmaji Mōhitori no ai
Release Date January 29, 2018
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Opening Theme Kore Kara
Ending Theme Mamoritai Mono no Tame ni
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The other Ai (もう一人のあい, Mōhitori no ai) is the fourth episode of the Ryuuou no Oshigoto! anime adaption.

Summary Edit

A request came to Yaichi from the current chairman of the Japan Shogi Association, Seiichi Tsukimitsu who became the second middle school shogi pro in history. Despite suffering from a serious illness which has impaired his vision since his 20s, he managed to maintain his rank A position in the Ranking Battle until his current age of 50. Because of his eyesight problem, he is frequently assisted by his secretary to move shogi pieces during matches. Seiichi quickly told him about his request that he wanted Yaichi to take on another disciple. That is 9-year old, fourth grade elementary school girl. Seiichi explained that this girl only wants an A-rank pro player or a title holder as her master. After some negotiation, Yaichi agreed to take the girl in as a temporary disciple only until she joins the Research Group.

Arriving at the girl’s mansion in Kobe, Yaichi met the man he encountered at Onizawa’s residence who turned out to be the girl’s grandfather, Kouten Yashajin. Kouten introduced Yaichi to his granddaughter, and Yaichi’s temporary disciple, Ai Yashajin.


Quotes Edit

  • Seiichi: "Grade schoolers... don't you like them?"
  • Ai: "I will never call you master"
  • Yaichi: "There's no more basic for me to teach you. However, you can't learn tricks during matches without an opponent. Make sure you learn that here."
  • Ginko: "She’s getting weaker. That thing."