Best Wishes
EP11 SC1
Episode Information
Kanji 寿
Rōmaji Kotobuki
Release Date March 19, 2018
Music Guide
Opening Theme Kore Kara
Ending Theme Mamoritai Mono no Tame ni
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Best Wishes (寿, Kotobuki) is the eleventh episode of the Ryuuou no Oshigoto! anime adaption.

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Ai end up fainting at the end of her match against Ryou Tsukiyomizaka. Ai's bodyguard, Akira carried the fainted Ai to Kiyotaki’s house, where Keika will takes care of her. Meanwhile, Ginko enters Yaichi’s room while he’s busy researching in an attempt to find anything. Ginko can help him with, which Yaichi quickly refuses. The moment she brings up about Hawaii though, it causes Yaichi to remember his first loss and lashes out on her pretty badly, calling her a burden.

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