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Kanji 夜叉神 天衣
Rōmaji Yashajin Ai
Age 9
Birthdate December 10, 2007
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Relationships Kouten Yashajin (grandfather)
Unnamed Mother (Mentioned)
Tenyu Yashajin (father)
Yaichi Kuzuryuu (master)
Akira Ikeda (bodyguard)
First Appearance
Anime Episode 4
Light Novel Chapter 6
Voice Actors
Japanese Ayane Sakura
Nice to meet you. My name is Ai Yashajin. Yaichi-sensei has been teaching me a lot of things, just like what you saw just now. Right, Sensei?

Ai Yashajin (夜叉神 天衣(やしゃじん あい), Yashajin Ai) is one of the main character of the series. She attends an elite grade school and want to be Yaichi’s disciple.

Appearance Edit

Yashajin Ai

Ai's full appearance

Ai is a young girl with long black hair with a gradient of red color and red eyes. She is seen wearing her grade school uniform. Her given name, age, and even the size of her body were all identical to Ai Hinatsuru.

Personality Edit

The atmosphere that surrounded her was completely different compare to Ai. It didn’t take long for Yaichi to understand that she is a wild mare, As Yaichi take her as a disciple, He'll need a different approach to tame her. Defeating her in a match with 4-piece handicap, Yaichi found out that she possesses outstanding talent and an unyielding heart. She plays a completely different style of shogi compared to Ai's heavily offensive style, called uke-shogi.

History Edit

Ai is living in a mansion in Kobe with her grandfather, Kouten Yashajin. Her father was an amateur Meijin, while her mother was a member of a shogi club in her university days. Both of her parents passed away in an accident, and shogi was the only thing they had left for her.

Plot Edit

Episode 4: The other Ai Edit

After Yaichi visited the mansion in Kobe, he finally met the girl named Ai Yashajin, who is a 9-year old kid and the daughter of an amateur Meijin, Ai lost both of her parents when she was little and grew up with nothing but shogi. Yaichi test her ability with a 4-piece handicap, and found out that she’s already got the fundamentals down and that her specialty lies in uke-shogi, However, she still lost the game. As Yaichi learned about her family circumstances after the match, her grandfather begged him to take care of her.

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